Powered by the patented single file alignment technology (SFA), our i-H2O is three times more hydrating, making it easy to absorb and much better at doing what water is actually supposed to do – hydrate, clear out toxins, balance pH, and more.

i-H2O Benefits

  • Helps to significantly increase the body’s hydration levels*
  • Supports optimal nutrient absorption*
  • Helps the body’s natural detoxification process, supporting a healthy intestinal flora through hydration*
  • Assists the body in balancing pH-levels*
  • Promotes youthful-looking skin by assisting natural skin hydration**
  • Supports antioxidant effects*
  • Shown to have antibacterial and other properties*

How It Works

In the last decade, three groundbreaking scientific findings have proven why the alignment of the molecules in the water you drink is essential for your health and longevity:


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