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You Do You, But Know We Have Your Back

Whatever your reasons are for wanting to get behind our mission we support you. We know that true wellness is not possible without community, and we are dedicated to giving you the tools to build a person-to-person community-based business. Whether you want to build a community online, in-person, or both, we give you the tools to do it and do it well!

Business Growth

As a GIA Wellness Consultant/Affiliate, you have plenty of resources to help advance your knowledge of entrepreneurship, relationship building, and how to best serve your GIA Wellness customers and your teammates. With GIA University ( you have access to hundreds of business/product documents, videos, training modules, and much more – all conveniently at your fingertips. We know that at times, learning a new business, new products, and new compensation plan can feel like a LOT! This is why we strive to make all that as easy as possible, and as fun as possible for you as you grow – at your own pace. With live webinars and your own senior business partners, every GIA Wellness Consultant/Affiliate can enjoy independence, while also staying connected to a community devoted to helping consistently helping each other.

Personal Growth

With the belief that businesses don’t grow, but instead, people grow and take the company with them, we are devoted to personally empowering every one of our GIA Consultants. Lucky for us, our Co-CEO Lynda Cormier is a renowned expert in leadership, team building, relationships, and maximizing human potential. She brings her decades of passion and experience inspiring others to every nook and cranny of GIA. Since Lynda is often out “on the road” speaking at women’s events, empowering entrepreneurs, and doing live classes and webinars, everyone in our GIA Community has the chance to leverage these experiences and gain insights, wisdom, and breakthroughs that positively transfer into every area of life.

How It Works

Wellness Gathering

The more, the merrier! Community and fun are important parts of our “Wellness is More” philosophy. When people gather to share their personal experiences and advantages of redefining wellness, you can make a bigger impact, touching more lives in the process.


The best way to connect with somebody is to have an authentic face-to-face conversation. We encourage our GIA advocates to value human connections. We empower you to share how GIA has redefined wellness in your life so that you can inspire others to do the same!

Let's Do This

Below you can familiarize yourself with the GIA enrollment process, and see what’s in store when becoming a Consultant/Advocate. Whenever you are ready you can click ‘Enroll Now’ at the bottom of the page to get started!

Purchase the GIA Starter Kit for $49.95. The Starter Kit includes these three business must-haves!

access to your user-friendly “back office”

free access to the online learning center in “gia university”

gia welcome kit that includes a “let the journey begin” consultant workbook, overview booklet & tote bag

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As you will see, most GIA packages can be purchased using an EZ-Pay option for affordable monthly payments. This makes the investment in your personal wellness and your business a “no brainer”. The Bronze Package and all other packages or custom kits that exceed $1,000 give you the added perk of 30% discount on all GIA purchases.

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