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single file alignment

The molecular structure of water is chaotic, but Nobel Prize winning research tells us that in order for water (and other liquids we consume) to be optimally absorbed, they need to be in single file alignment (SFA). That’s because this type of alignment helps water molecules pass through cell walls more efficiently, hydrating our bodies more optimally. The subtle SFA technology helps realign liquids, making them three times more absorbable, and an instant favorite for those looking to address their hydration and nutrition absorption needs.

Here’s How It Works

If you’ve ever tried to rush into an elevator with a large group of people, then you know that the good ol’ single file alignment (SFA) is the way to go. It’s true for people … and water? Surprisingly, yes. According to scientific research, rearranging water molecules into single file alignment makes it easier for your body to hydrate, flush out toxins, counteract the signs of aging, and function better overall. Water is one of the foundations of wellness (we are more than 60% water, after all), and extraordinary things happen when we fuel or body effectively. That’s where SFA comes in.

Think about it this way: With SFA technology, drinking a single glass of single-file aligned GIA i-H20 is like drinking three glasses of “regular” water. Every ingredient and ounce matters when it comes to hydration and nourishment, and single file alignment helps your body make it count. It’s a delicate shift that makes a world of difference. Our patented SFA technology has been researched, validated, and proven by scientists and health experts. We have the science to prove it, and we let the powerful real-life results speak for themselves.

How We Use It

Single File Alignment (SFA) technology realigns liquids into that singular, linear shape, the cell quickly and easily – that is why the “i” of i-H2O stands for ‘intelligent water’.

Three Times More Hydrating

Increases Absorption

Anti-Bacterial & Anti-Fungal

Supports a Healthy Microbiome

Supports a Balanced pH

energy resonance technology

Every energetic frequency has its own effect on life surrounding it. When we harness them and apply subtle energies through our proprietary energy resonance technology (ERT), we enhance their effectiveness, elevating your energetic wellness in the process. While energetic frequencies aren’t new (in fact, they’ve been recognized for centuries across Far-Eastern medicine and modern day philosophies), the way we integrate them, is. ERT is GIA’s proprietary process, custom-blended and programmed to resonate with, and measurably support, your body’s energetic system. Designed to work with your body and for your body, ERT magnifies results so that every GIA product does more. Without extra effort from you. Easy, right?

Here’s How It Works

Remember that time you accidentally left a red sock in your white laundry, staining everything pink? Hey, we’ve all done it! But that simple action had a serious impact on everything around it – just like energetic frequencies. While these subtle frequencies are invisible, we can feel their impact on our body over time.ERT strengthens our ability to be resilient against stressors, and recover from their physiological impact. And, by incorporating this highly advanced technology in each of our GIA products, they become more bioavailable – doing even more for our body, health, and wellness.

How We Use It

When water goes through any filtration process, much of the “life force” that comes from the earth’s magnetic field, the sun, and the aliveness of fresh spring water is stripped away. GIA’s proprietary subtle energy blend ERT infuses this frequency-based liveliness back into water. This subtle energy activation of i-H2O makes it energetically even more bioavailable, and therefore more absorbable at a cellular level.

Increases Bioavailability

Supports Healthy Microbiome

molecular resonance effect technology

As our screen time increases, so does our exposure to harmful electromagnetic radiation (EMR). With molecular resonance effect technology (MRET), a patented noise-field innovation, you can reduce your radiation absorption while still enjoying everything that keeps you connected. MRET is important in today’s wireless age because studies have shown that the radiation and frequencies emitted from our smartphones and devices, plus the presence of emerging 5G technology, can be harmful to our body and overall health. MRET helps you take ownership of your wireless environment with patented products that do the work for you..

Here’s How It Works

When electromagnetic frequencies and/or radiation are being generated, they are emitted into the environment and often absorbed by our bodies. The intensity of exposure and absorption depends on the device, how close we are to it, and how long it is used for, but science has clearly shown that we are exposed to countless frequencies every day.MRET is powered by a hi-tech polymer that works when it’s stimulated by man-made frequencies. To counter the harmful effects on our body, MRET emits a low-frequency noise field that superimposes itself on the disruptive radiofrequency radiation, to soften our exposure and measurably reduce absorption. GIA’s patented MRET technology helps counteract the negative impact of radiation exposure – without compromising the quality or strenth of your wireless signal.

How We Use It

MRET is a key ‘ingredient’ used across our radiation protection product category. The technology, which is patented, has often been referred to as the “gold standard in radiation protection”. Validated and supported by a variety of lab tests, it has shown significant reduction of the negative impact of radiation exposure from EMF and EMR-emitting devices.

Supports a Balanced Fight or Flight Response

Reduces Radiation Absorption