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The Essentials - Canada

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GIA provides tools to assist you in your health and wellness journey, and “The Essentials” gives you some of our favorite products from different categories! This bundle is the whole package because it supports your body from the inside out. i-Thrive and Cleanse supply you with a dozen essential vitamins and potent ingredients supporting both a healthy immune and digestive system through optimal absorption (SFA), while Cell Guard Slivers were designed to help support your body’s natural resistance to the stress-related effects of electropollution (EMR) exposure, as well as reinforce your body’s resilience to energy disruptors that are constantly around us. This bundle gives you the best of both worlds! 

What is inside

  • i-Thrive 32 oz bottle – antioxidant-rich, superior all-in-one beverage
  • Cleanse 32 oz bottle – gentle daily detox formula
  • Cell Guard Sliver (2 Slivers) – bio-friendly decals designed for cell phones

Here are some quick GIA tips on how to practice wellness in the wireless age:

  • Increase your body’s distance from wireless devices
  • Use the speakerphone function or GIA’s Mobile Airtube Headset
  • Turn off devices when not using them (especially while sleeping)
  • Don’t charge your phone near where you sleep
  • Reduce screen time as much as possible