Travel Pack - Canada

Travel Pack - Canada

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Constantly on the go? The “Travel Pack”, is your new best friend! This bundle gives you the ideal combination of i-thrive and Cleanse in one-ounce, pocket-size pouches. One single pouch of i-thrive satisfies the recommended daily value of 12 essential vitamins. The Cell-Guard Pop-Up Holder is also the perfect travel companion because not only is it a handy cell phone holder and grip, it was also designed to help support your body’s natural resistance to the stress-related effects of electropollution (EMR) exposure and reinforce your body’s resilience to daily energy disruptors. You won’t want to leave the house without the “Travel Pack”! 


What is inside

  • i-Thrive 24 1oz pouches – antioxidant-rich, superior all-in-one beverage
  • Cleanse 24 1oz pouches – gentle detox formula
  • Cell Guard Pop-Up Holder – bio-friendly expanding phone grip

Here are some quick GIA tips on how to practice wellness in the wireless age:

  • Increase your body’s distance from wireless devices
  • Use the speakerphone function or GIA’s Mobile Airtube Headset
  • Turn off devices when not using them (especially while sleeping)
  • Don’t charge your phone near where you sleep
  • Reduce screen time as much as possible